plusinfoDomaine de la production d’énergie solaire : le photovoltaïque (PV4) et l’énergie solaire à concentration (CSP4):



PV4.1 Innovative processes for inorganic thin-film cells & modules
PV4.2 Dedicated modules for BIPV design and manufacturing
PV4.3 Grid integration and large-scale deployment of PV
PV4.4 High-efficiency PV modules based on next generation c-Si solar cells
PV4.5 Solar glass and encapsulation materials
PV4.6 Concentrator PV technology
PV4.7 Si feedstock, crystallization and wafering
PV4.8 Organic solar cells, perovskites and other emerging concepts


CSP4.1 Cost reduction and efficiency increase in components
CSP4.2 Dispatchability through storage and hybridisation

budgetBudget wallon: 0.5 million euros

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