plusinfoThe Fund Malou Malou and the Fund Perano were set up to encourage scientific research into neurodegenerative diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. These Funds are launching a joint call and specifically want to support projects that contribute towards better treatment and care, using non-pharmacological interventions, for older people who have a chronic disease affecting the brain.

In 2017, the Funds Malou Malou and Perano will support scientific projects that explore and develop an innovative, non-pharmacological approach to the functional, clinical and/or psychosocial problems facing older people with a neurodegenerative brain disease.

Following research topics are eligible (non-exhaustive):
o physical activities (walking, balance, movement etc.)
o daily activities
o cognition
o emotion
o sensory enhancement
o communication/interaction/relationship interventions
o environmental changes
o nutrition
o interventions primarily focused on professional caregivers
o interventions focused on informal caregivers and patients at home
o innovative care models


Durée: 2 ans, maximum. Toutes les HE belges sont éligibles


150.000€ (maximum 75.000€ par an)

Budget pour un projet


Appel clôturé
30/06/2017: Annonce sélection

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