plusinfoThe Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) InnoEnergy sponsors innovation projects in the field of sustainable energy that create positive impact on market and society:

• Decreasing energy cost,
• Increasing security vis-à-vis resources holders,
• Increasing intrinsic operational safety or reliability, and/or
• Reducing Green House Gas emissions

Such projects should normally present:
• a time to market shorter than 5 years from the beginning of the project,
• a maximum project duration of 3 years
• a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) greater or equal to 5, meaning that the majority of the functionality of the system and/or its components has already been proven at least at laboratory level (proof of concept)
• onsortium of at least three, but no more than seven, European partners from both the research and industry sectors ,
• The consortium needs to be made up of partners from at least two different countries and at least one of the companies commercialising the product or service must be involved in the project from the beginning.


Subvention d’un pourcentage du budget global sous conditions spécifiques, voir document ‘General Information

Clôture : 07/04/17
Annonce Sélection : 02/06/17

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