plusinfoThe BELRIM prize will be awarded to a workpaper, study or thesis that puts its emphasis on the practical aspects, the facility of implementation, or the direct impact of the work conclusions for professional risk or insurance managers.

The main part of the workpaper or thesis must be related to risk or insurance management topics.
There is no topic limitation to any academic sector :
As examples only, main topics could be :

  • Legal aspects of the risk management and/or insurances,
  • Regulations,
  • Quantitative aspects (stochastics, databases, …),
  • Qualitative aspects,
  • Operational risks (human, technology, environment, market/commercial, cyber, supply chain,…),
  • Financial risks,
  • Human risks
  • Environmental risks
  • Prevention (human, technical, organisational,…),
  • Insurance products,
  • Processes (risk identification, risk control, risk transfer, ERM, …).

There is no topic limitation to any industrial sector.
As examples only, main topics can be related to:

  • Industrial risks,
  • Financial institutions,
  • Services,
  • Country risks,
  • Public affairs, …


  •  A free entrance and participation in the European FERMA forum 2017 in Monte Carlo
    (for an example of the forum see the website of the 2015 European FERMA forum
  • Transport Brussels-Monte Carlo-Brussels and hotel accommodations organised by BELRIM
  • A free BELRIM membership for 1 year (until June 2018)

Preselection : 15/04/17
Introduction of final work and presentation : 1/07/17
Award ceremony : 21/09/17

contacySophie Vermeesch