plusinfoManufacturing research projects for European SME’s and their strategic partners. University colleges are eligible if at least one Wallonian SME in the international consortia and if the budget of the Wallonian SME(‘s) is at least 40 % of the wallonian’s total budget.

Project length: 24 months.

Minimum consortium: 2 actors from 2 different regions / countries with at least 2  SME’s with at least one of them being wallonian.

For manufacturing industries, (20 regions / countries participating in 2018) projects about:
• Knowledge-based engineering, information and communication technologies for manufacturing (industrial robotics, computer-aided engineering and design, automated manufacturing, product lifetime management, etc.)
• Manufacturing technologies for environmental and energy applications including resource efficiency and recycling
• Adaptive manufacturing technologies including processes for removing, joining, adding, forming, consolidating, assembling
• New materials for manufacturing (alloys, lubricants, coatings, textile fibres, construction, composites, insulation, etc.)
• New manufacturing methods, components and systems (development of demonstrators, devices and equipments, logistic systems, etc.)
• Other technologies/products related to the manufacturing field
* Or research projets for any type of manufacturing industries.

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